30 November, 2010

Futuristic Food Photography

Mussels suspended in a liquid center sphere filled with a mussel juice solution.

Tomato water liquid center spheres with injected basil oil
The chef team that introduced Modernist Cuisine to the world just put out a new book called, "Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking" by photographer Ryan Matthew Smith  that actually does staged-food photos justice - no dusty bowls of grapes or plastic clones in these still lifes (though they may still look sexy enough to be painted in black velvet)! In fact, nothing is unpleasantly disturbed in this collection of images of eggs being shot-through with a sniper rifle, another egg sizzling at 450°F that looks more like an aerial view of the cracked ground on some distant planet, and a red bell pepper with a skin coat so charred on the outside that it shields its soft interiors, which have the appearance of strawberry sorbet! The link below is from an interview Smith gave from his home base of Seattle, WA recently to the online photo mag feature shoot. Don't forget the video of popping corn at the end!

Direct grilling can produce heat so intense that the skin of a pepper chars before the interior is fully cooked.

Modernist Cuisine's blog is also worth a gander: modernistcuisine.com/blog 

*All photos and captions courtesy of featureshoot.com*

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