04 December, 2010

Child Nutrition Bill Passes!

Courtesy of jaimeoliver.com

Thanks to Civil Eats for this very good news! Though there is still room for improvement with this bill, it is a significant step in the right direction to show that somebody in government gets that  growing a stronger nation literally starts when a new citizen first eats what comes from the land's soil. The foundations for proper bodily and mental development, improved attention/retention capabilities, disease prevention, connection to nature, appreciation of family and the food culture one's family is a member of, and just the simple joy of eating good food all start in infancy. Exercise is an intrinsic part in all of this too, but without basic nutrition we all fail on so many levels!

Child Nutrition Bill Passes

I would like to give a nod here to Mr. Jaime Oliver and the efforts made with his ongoing, highly publicized Food Revolution! I think it has made more Americans aware of the dichotomies of the current epidemic in our country that provokes obesity, yet also keeps people under-nourished, and the responsibility of our elected officials to step in and do their jobs to rectify this situation.  

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