04 December, 2010

Gardening Guerilla-Style With Seedbombs

Courtesy of good.is
"Seed bomb" = An organic ball of clay, compost, and seeds made to be subversively tossed onto soil as a renegade method to sowing seeds. 
This piece from GOOD talks about how Los Angeles-based Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud had the counter-culture intuition to know that if you seedbomb (yes, I use that word as a noun and a verb) viable, yet overlooked land (like parking medians, vacant lots, and even the cracks of sidewalks), something green will eventually grow there. Theoretically, this same technique could be used to transform eyesore plots of land in urban/suburban areas into random spots of bird and people-attracting color by guerilla-planting hardy, leafy veggies, flowers, and fruit trees! The article explains how this creative duo got their ideas, what their incentives were, and how their revolutionary way of growing vegetation has turned into a grass-roots campaign called Greenaid that offers seed bomb vending machines for rent or purchase. 

Greenaid is only one of the ingenious urban-greening projects that Ms. Karlsrud and Mr. Phillips have started as part of their innovative-minded company, COMMONStudío. You can follow them on Facebook here and Twitter here. They also developed what they call (C)urban Ecology, a street-curb, sewer-drain invention designed to grow grasses that will collect the nasty bits of urban debris that usually go straight down the drain into the city's watershed. Nice one!

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