13 December, 2010

An Intoxicating Tonic: How Titillating!

I, dear readers, am what is called a "re-entry" (politically correct code for "old") university student, and tomorrow marks the official start to our Finals Week, a.k.a. Week of Hell! Along with my fellow seekers of formal knowledge, I have spent the past week studying, reading, writing, cramming, and studying some more till late in the night and this evening the stress reached its peak and I finally hit a mental wall. I need a break! Think I'll have something restorative to drink (and an excuse to kill more time and write this post) - something with vitamins to keep up my immunity and focus, something refreshing with bubbles to ease the queasiness of a nervous stomach, something with a touch of booze to calm the frayed nerves. I'm tired and lazy and do not feel like leaving the house so I'll have to concoct my beverage with ingredients already here in my kitchen. Let's look shall we?

Warning: May cause temporary side-effects of apathy for homework!
In these parts of California lemons grow practically year round and on a recent night walk with my dog Miles I foraged one of these bright, sour fruits from a neighbor's tree who selfishly lets the overflowing bounty of said  tree go to waste - a crime in my opinion and the subject of a future post. Anyway, lemons work famously well with sparkling seltzer/mineral water (which I just so happen to keep stocked in my fridge) so these two will be my base. Okay, vitamins - check! Bubbles - check! Hmm, what can I add that will compliment the citrus and carbonation with maybe a touch of sweetness (and of course alcohol)? 

I have it...Disarrono Amaretto, eureka! This almond-flavored, Italian liqueur is really versatile and when paired with the other goodies I have it becomes a stiff Italian soda! What I like even more is that this somehow feels as seasonally appropriate to the Holiday Season as it does to summertime, a more chilled-drink time of year.

So there you have it - a remedial pick-me-up void of any medicinal undertones! I'm sure I am not the first person in history to think of this elixir's combinations, but I want to give it a name nonetheless. How about a Zingy Zoloft, a Lemon Loosen-Up, or the Italian Therapist Who Just Brightens My Day? Any more suggestions? Well then, back to the books with the consolation that I am now  back to a (relatively) stress-free state-of-mind! Yeah right...at least my anesthetized, cheeky expression of satisfaction is for real!

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