06 December, 2010

Possible Holiday Gift #4: Deliciously Nonsensical, Jarred Spice Blends

"The Whirling Berliner," "The Curried Cajun," "Cowboys in India"...Are these the titles of retro pulp fictions, comic books, or B-movies you might be asking yourself? Indeed I personally would be enticed by such creative monikers if they were attached to the any of those Pop Culture monographs or media. 

But delightfully,  they are instead the names of three flamboyant spice blends made by Jason W of S. Kitchen blog/event fame. What began in 2006 as fancy-schmancy dinner parties with international-cuisine themes, S. Kitchen has now matured into potluck events for the whole family (kids optional) with themes of current social issues, a professional-looking newsletter named Spicy, Salty Sweet, & Sour (and Umami!), and has become a forum for educating each other on how to promote the greater Good. As Jason W puts it, "Together, we are changing ourselves one meal at a time." 

One small way to achieve this lofty goal is to experiment with baffling combinations of culturally unique spices and seasonings that at first glance may seem to clash, but actually prove to balance just fine. At only $9 a pop (including shipping/handling and related recipes posted on the blog), and with all proceeds used at keeping S. Kitchen events free for its participants, you can't go wrong! 

 *All photos courtesy of theskitchen.blogspot.com*


  1. Thanks Erica for posting this! I love the way to describe The S. Kitchen. I will definitely cross promote this on The S. Kitchen site. xxoo, Jason

  2. Check us out on the S. Kitchen: Camaraderie: The S. Kitchen on The Eatable Life! Posted by Queerly Complex - http://www.the-s-kitchen.org/2010/12/camaraderie-s-kitchen-on-eatable-life.html


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