02 December, 2010

Possible Holiday Gifts #1 and #2: State-By-Food Tote Bag & Buckeyes (Chocolate/PeanutButter Balls)

Courtesy of Mélangerie Inc. on etsy.com

This super sweet, organic cotton shopping bag was created by Mélangerie Inc. out of Brooklyn, NY and is for sale for $25 on etsy.com (a wonderful DIY, online site where you can hawk your creative goods). Mélangerie Inc. took all fifty states, gave each one a corresponding food that is representative of that particular region's edible gems, and screen-printed them onto this reusable sack. I like using bags as their own gift containers instead of disposable, tacky ones from some grocery store, so stuff this lovely tote with whatever you are gifting or, as pictured, flowers and food - perfect presents!

Courtesy of Elizabeth LaBau, 2007, at about.com
While my adopted state of California got grapes  on the bag (makes sense, though arguably In-N-Out Burger is also a good contender for this category), I was especially pleased to see that what was chosen for my home state of Ohio is their famous Buckeyes, which are sorta of like a homemade, ball-shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, only better! Ohio is the Buckeye State, named after its official tree, and these sweets were modeled to literally look like the seed of that tree. Seeing these goodies at countless picnics, school bake sales, and birthday parties growing up, they would immediately tingle my sweet tooth. If you're interested in making the ole' buckeye balls yourself,  follow the recipe above or watch this handy video (ignore the cheezy music). Buy or make a fancy box/bag to put your gift Buckeyes in, wrap them in plastic wrap or waxed paper, attach a personalized card, and THERE YOU ARE! Personally, I would forgo any overly processed ingredients in favor of natural peanut butter (with a little honey mixed in to sweeten it first) and higher-quality chocolate. If you're going to go for it, do it right! Be warned though - Buckeyes are NOT for those on a diet! Then again, what better treat to eat so you can break that silly diet!

*UPDATE* Mélangerie Inc. now offers an 11" x 14" print in both black archival ink on white paper, and a limited-edition, hand-painted watercolor version!

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