21 January, 2011

"Beer: A Genuine Collection Of Cans" And Its Cincinnati Love

Courtesy of coolhunting.com

           "Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?"

Ok, so I am not a fan of American football though I do hail from Cincinnati, Ohio, home of the Bengals, and when I was in grade school in 1989, our city's team made it into the Superbowl XXIII playoffs but ironically would end up losing to the team from my current hometown: the San Francisco 49ers. I cared about football back then about as much as I do now but for a period of time in those days Superbowl Fever had consumed Cincinnatians and I too was affected. To be fair, what actually made an impression on me was that the Superbowl meant a smidgen of fashion freedom at school. As a product of the Catholic school system, I normally had to endure a strict uniform. In support of the big game, however, we were allowed to wear clothes in black, orange, and/or with team logos blazoned on them instead. The opportunity to be creative with my attire was inspiration enough for me to join along in all the Bengals-pride hoopla, wear Halloween colors and a picture of a tiger on my chest, and sing along with anthem cry above; for that week at least.

Courtesy of coolhunting.com

So what does all this biographical information have to do with food? Not much except that a new book called "Beer: A Genuine Collection Of Cans" written by Dan Becker and Lance Wilson, two San Francisco-based designers, documents all manner of beer cans from the last seventy years in thirty-two countries, including a commemorative can (top, left photo) made to celebrate that particular Bengals Superbowl game in the late 80s (before they lost of course). Cool Hunting also wrote a nice feature on it. 

Cincinnati, with its German roots, has a history of quality beer production and another photo (above, left) on this book's cover of "Cincinnati Burger Brau" shows that connection. It is not a clear depiction so go to this website here to see a better picture of a lovely, old, Santa Claus-looking man in a green hat with a red plume, holding a fancy tobacco pipe in one hand, and a frosty beer stein in the other. Thanks Misters Becker and Wilson for stirring a little hometown pride in this Cincinnati expat, if for nothing else but to see the glory of my city's beer-can design past!

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