28 January, 2011

Panties/Briefs/Boxers To Promote Home Canning

Well okay, so I guess these panties (to the left) are technically called "boy briefs" but I thought the name of the former type would be more eye-catching. What better way to flirt with your significant other than by telling them in print that you admire their "can" or "pickle?"  I would recommend though that this gift be for someone you have been with for awhile because otherwise you may get a smack in the mouth instead of a smooch! These cheeky little ditties are sold through the Shop section on the  site of the ever-creative Punk Domestics, a super-fab, Online  recipe collector dedicated to all things jarred/canned/pickled/preserved...including your tush! They also offer a handy, kitchen apron but I thought the intimate-apparel offerings were more, well ... intimate and unpredictable. 

The folks at Punk Domestics don't just make Foodie fashions, however. Like The Eatable Life, Punk Domestics realizes that in addition to the never-ending need for good recipes out in the world for people keen to expand their food/cooking knowledge, there also is an overwhelming plethora of blogs, food sites, and general information about food (and specifically canning in their case) out there that makes that task daunting. Someone has to sift through all the mess in order to make sense of it and be able to preach the "Born-Again" Food gospel loud and clear, so that is where websites like theirs come in. "Punk Domestics aims to evangelize and enable this burgeoning trend by way of curation and promotion,"  which by default creates in one social forum, a world-wide community of people who love making home-canned goods with their own hands.

The heart of the site though is the food itself. A couple of the posted "attempt-at-home" goodies that peaked my interest recently were a recipe for Lemon Curd (something I have been having a hankerin' for lately), from a blog called Vanilla Garlic; Meyer Limoncello from The Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking (who also published a neat book by the same name); and Sri Lankan Mustard from Tigress in a Pickle (another gal who likes preserving and who's photographs alone are worth checking out on this blog). Also go to Hedonia, the other voice of PD's big papa, Sean Timberlake. Punk Domestics offers a newsletter as well. Happy canning/pickling!

*All underwear photos/logos courtesy of punkdomestics.com*

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