27 January, 2011

Tofu Done Right

 Courtesy of chow.com

As Vietnamese-born, Minh Tsai from Hodo Soy Beanery in San Francisco explains in this swell video, fresh tofu versus that pre-packaged kind in a foil-lined box that, like some soymilks, can sit at room temperature on a shelf for almost as long of a time as a Twinkie. Is that smidgen of convenience really worth the disappointment your belly and taste buds will experience after you've denied them the good kind of tofu? 

Courtesy of hodosoy.com

Considering that most Westerners eat only the pre-packaged variety, it is no wonder that this by-product of the soy bean has garnered so many cliches: that a dish sponge has more flavor; that only super-crunchy Hippies like it or vegetarians forced to eat it because they don't have many other protein options; or that it only tastes good if enough flavorings (and often chemicals) have been added to make it taste like chicken (for example). To put it another way, which would you prefer: an artificial banana-flavored, wrapped in plastic for who knows how much time, sapy sweet muffin from Walgreens's food aisle (yes, many pharmacies in the US/Canada sell what many people would call "food" in the aisle next to the suppositories), OR a baked-from-scratch, still warm, fragrant, banana-walnut muffin from your grandma's oven? Not really a content, eh? Well, tofu quality works in the same way. Way to go Hodo Soy for giving us this handy video to set us straight!

For a healthy, but flavorful recipe for eating good tofu, try this one below for roasted tofu that does not completely mask it's "tofu" flavor:

 Courtesy of chow.com

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