20 February, 2011

I've Been M.I.A. - Let's Get Back In The Saddle With Some Fresh, Scandinavian Goodies!

Courtesy of newscancook.com
Yes, I'm a cad...A busy one at that! My studies have taken over my life lately and the ramification of this is that my blogging has been the victim of the time crunch. Fear not dear, loyal readers! To get us back into the swing of things I have included a few video links here from a show on PBS called New Scandinavian Cooking. After a winter of heavy comfort foods I am really looking forward to eating some "lighter" dishes. Ok, so these recipes are not exactly "light" because they stack on the sour cream (though I personally would opt for Crème Fraiche instead) and butter. My feeling though is that these kinds of additions are not "diet" flavorings but are big in taste so a little goes a long way. I also am a true believer in REAL foods with TASTE over chemical substitutions that leave you feeling unsatisfied and with possible side-effects down the road. Besides, if you don't eat a ton of it every day and get some exercise, you're in the clear. (Can everyone just accept these facts of the human body and move on!)

Courtesy of newscancook.com

I digress. I have always admired Scandinavian cuisine for its love of clean flavors like dill, caraway, and good-quality salt mixed with a hearty bread and some kind of seafood. Not all the recipes on the show's website are traditionally Scandinavian, but are nonetheless in the spirit of all that is fresh and un-complicated. For example, I was pleased to see a version of the popular Portuguese dish Bohlinhos de Bachalau (neither low-fat, nor "light") that is a seasonal treat of deep-fried white fish and potatoes rolled in breadcrumbs that is worth having once in awhile. If that sounds appealing to you, check out the show's site and dig into the sandwich recipes below!

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