15 August, 2011

San Francisco Garden Districts

SF's three major growing zones according to San Francisco Magazine (page 38) and what kinds of goodies they suggest a person should grow in their dirt.

The "Fog Belt," "Transition Zone," and "Sun Belt" are the micro-ecosystems that exist within the boundaries of the city, or at least that is what a neat map in the August issue of San Francisco Magazine has labeled the unique, often annoyingly quirky climate zones here. According to this map, each of those respective "belts" and "zones" point out what kinds of crops grow best under such conditions and thereby give residents the opportunity to utilize their soils to their utmost growing potential. This all may seem a bit, well, "Bay Area" to assess whether one should plant Brandywine heirloom tomatoes or purple Thai basil in their 5X5 (feet, not acre) backyard plot. But it is actually quite insightful since a law was passed back in April of this year that redrew the city planning code in order to legally grant San Francisco residents permission to embark on a form of farming called "urban agriculture," or the right to sell produce that they grow on their own land (even if it's just a rental). Makes you wonder what other kinds of green plants folks might try to start growing for profit. Hmm...

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