05 August, 2011

Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch...

...You know I love, love, LOVE me some honey (especially when it was harvested from my own backyard)!

My household received a surprise today in the form of a bowl brimming with freshly harvested honey comb. Even more delectable was that this particular nectar came from the hives that live behind our house! I could talk about honey's antibacterial properties, unparalleled longevity as a foodstuff (honey has been found nestled among other treasures buried with ancient Egyptian mummies, and it is still good enough to eat), beauty applications, the recent vaccines that the FDA is about to approve that can inoculate humans against certain types of seasonal allergies, or how buying it from producers that sell honeys found within the vicinity of where you live, can do the same inoculation trick because ingesting small amounts of local pollens will build up an immunity to such sensitivities. I could start a discussion about all of these aspects of honey…or, I could just pick off a piece of the comb and savor it like a piece of natural chewing gum - gum filled with liquid sunshine!


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