19 September, 2011

Happy Monday Breakfast!

I have been jogging more lately, so by the time my dog and I get home after exercising, I am ravenous and need a filling, but nutritious breakfast to get back my energy. This morning's selection of choices resulted in big pieces of freshly cut, hearty whole wheat bread topped with generous helpings of two kinds cheeses: triple cream brie, and goat. I made the brie the savory "entree" slice by adding smoked salmon, tångkorn (bought at IKEA and translated from Swedish as "seaweed grain" or "seaweed bead" with the "å" pronounced like a long "o" similar to that vowel in "tore" in English), and dried dill weed. The super buttery cheese mixed with all that salt and texture was delicious, and combined with fresh, cherry tomatoes that my landlords gave me from their yard yesterday, it was an unbelievable coupling! I have completely fallen in love with this little pot of seaweed beads that resemble caviar with a comparable look and seawater taste, but are not fish. I also love the fishy pink herring roe that IKEA sells as an alternative to the seaweed beads! The other piece of bread with the goat cheese was my "dessert" as it had yellow quince jam (which tastes a little like a pear/apple hybrid) layered on top and organic Bartlett pears as an accompaniment. 

Good morning to me!

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