12 October, 2011

Eat Real Fest 2011: Photo Highlights

Folks watching free workshops in action.

Yep, it was fun! I was a volunteer at the Eat Real Festival's beer shed, but I got to see the backstage workings, get goodie bags, free food, and just be around all the food all day! Here is a photo summary of all the fun. Enjoy!

The volunteers get prepped.

Early morning at the Jack London Square Marina in Oakland before the festivities began. This is also part of where the weekly Jack London Square Farmer's Market is held every Sunday.

The same view a few hours later, and this does not even show half of the visitors. It does, however, give a behind-the-scenes look at the delicious Urban Style Barbeque's tent in the foreground.

My home base for the day.

Some of my co-volunteers workin' hard slinging local micro-brewed beers!

My view of the festival for the first six hours that I was there.

And some of the sites I enjoyed once my shift was over.

Some options from a food truck parked next to Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon, a watering hole where Jack London himself soothed his weary soul with liquid numbness.

The Eat Real Festival did not sell water bottles. Instead, they had a watering station where you could fill up your own water jug for free.

More food trucks.

The future home of the permanent Jack London Market, which will be a fair rival when it opens to San Francisco's Ferry Building Market. Right now it is only a brick-and-mortar space for rotating events like the Eat Real Festival.

More vendors inside.

A neat project where people documented their food stories.

One of the highlights was at the Main Stage where they carved up a whole pig in order to give knife and other butchery skills to the audience AND conduct the Flying Knives Butchery Competition between butchers from around the country where they showed off their adeptness in producing the best cuts of pork possible in categories like charcuterie and BBQ.

A closer view of the action.

Winner in two categories, local boy Dave Budworth (on the left wearing sunglasses), manager of Marina Meats and butcher at Avedano's Holly Park Market.

More nice cuts of meat (and I'm focusing here on the pig parts, not the guys).

Probably the most gratified audience member that day!
One of the winning trophies.

View of San Francisco in the background.

Hope you had fun on our little tour. See you all next year when I will be sure to make it for the steer butchery competition. How exciting!

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  1. WOW! Sunday was happening!! Friday was much duller in terms of activities. Hm. Still. Lots of great food!

    I really liked the goodie bags they gave us!


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