20 November, 2011

Canelé, My Love.

Video courtesy of chow.com.

The lovely French pastry canelé is one of my all-time favorites. When I traveled around France in 2005 and sampled the crusty, burnt-caramel, custardy dessert in various regions (especially in Bordeaux), I literally felt like I was having out-of-body experiences with each nibble. I have since searched out replications in the US and because I am fortunate enough to live in the foodie destination of San Francisco, I have been able to experience canelé extacy here on home soil. One of the spots that I have found is La Boulangerie, which is now a Bay Area chain with ten locations in SF alone, but years ago the location in the Pacific Heights neighborhood was the only one I knew of and I used to drive across town just to get a canelé along with one (or three) of their amazing lavender macaroons. Another good place for proper canelé is Boulette's Larder in the SF Ferry Building downtown along the piers. Watch the video above to see why I am not the only person out there with a canelé fetish!

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