17 November, 2011

Flick About The New Farm Bill Featuring Michael Pollan

Image courtesy of nourishlife.org.
Yes, it's true. I do have an academic crush on Michael Pollan who not only is a rock-star food journalist whose bombastically important exposés have shed some light on the disgraces of US food production, he is also one of my professors (the other is Nikki Henderson who I talked about in my last post) for the Edible Education course that I am currently taking. Mr. Pollan has been featured in such documentaries as Food Inc. and Botany of Desire, which was based on his 2002 bestselling book and he is an engaging speaker, so it is no surprise that he is involved in yet another food-focused film just out through Nourish and distributed by PBS. According to their website, "Nourish is an educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability, particularly in schools and communities," and using various visual media is a powerful way to get their message out. This short film zooms in on the all the politics and bureaucracy both in the fields and behind closed doors in Washington. Among other of the who's-whos of the food world, it also stars another foodie crush of mine chef Jaime Oliver, sustainability advocate and author Anna Lappé, the food-movement queen herself Alice Waters, and chef and food-justice activist Bryant Terry who I saw speak then wrote about earlier this year (a post that also has a video of Mr. Pollan on The Daily Show). Civil Eats also wrote this article all about the film and includes a preview, and what you can do to support sensible changes to the food bill that is set to go for a renewal vote next year.

The video below is from a recent appearance Mr. Pollan made on The Colbert Report.

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