04 December, 2011

What I Ate Today...For Lunch.

Today I felt like curry - Thai green curry with ground pork, pumpkin, green cabbage, and carrots to be exact. I love the flavor juxtaposition of spicy/sweet/salty/acidic things all together in one dish, which is why I love food from Thailand, not to mention that with the addition of coconut milk those tastes are assimilated and smoothed out so seamlessly. Put it all on a bed of brown rice and it is not only a filling dish to even the most insatiable of appetites, but it is actually full of nutrients and energizing flavor. To wash it down and neutralize the extra spice that I added with Sriracha "rooster" hot sauce, I drank a soda produced locally here in Berkeley, California (just down the street from my apartment as a matter of fact) called Vignette: Wine Country Soda. They make their natural beverages from wine grapes picked in state and keep the sugar to a minimum. I do not drink soda often but this stuff is fantastic! Cheers!

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