10 February, 2012

Health: A 360-Degree Approach To Being Happy

Now don't get me wrong, I do occasionally indulge in Spree candies (especially the chewy kind), Reece's Cups (dark chocolate is my favorite) and entire meals saturated with duck fat, but in general I try to keep everything in balance: food, exercise, nights out on the town, libations. That said, I also am an overachieving Undergraduate student in her last semester at a competitive university, so I equally struggle to get enough sleep, cross off everything on my To Do lists, keep my stress levels in check, eat well 100% of the time, and exercise and practice yoga as much as I would like to. That being the case, sometimes a gal just needs to just stop and recharge! 

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I accidentally came across a blog recently called No More Dirty Looks that has helped remind me of this, as well as to give me some realistic, thoughtful advice as to how to make things in my life function a little smoother through natural products, good food and by listening to my body. The blog even has coupons on products that they have tested and deem worthy of promotion! Here is a blurb about the writers taken from their blog: "Siobhan O’Connor [Senior Editor at Prevention magazine in New York and contributing editor over at GOOD magazine] and Alexandra Spunt [a freelance journalist, marketing consultant, and former head of the branding team at American Apparel in Los Angeles] are the co-authors of No More Dirty Looks: The Truth About Your Beauty Products and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics. They are also natural beauty experts and consultants who speak regularly on the topic in the media and at events. But they’re also regular women who are passionate about safe and sustainable beauty, and want to help other women make the best choices available."

Image courtesy of nomoredirtylooks.com.
So what did they have to tell me that was so great? Let's start with this blog post here that talks about ways of cleansing your digestive system that do not involve fasting or questionable powders. Then there's this one that offers clear guidelines for how to meditate that are neither intimidating nor preachy. This post here rightfully tries to scare the be-Jesus out of men concerning the toxicity of many of the skin products that they often use on their bodies. For many of us stress is a constant stumbling block that can also reek havoc on our skin, but as this post points out there are solutions for re-stabilizing those irritations. And I liked this and that one too because they listed ways to manage stress, including taking a proper vacation. Finally, I loved this post about ten things you can do with coconut oil.

Image courtesy of nomoredirtylooks.com.

Well, one blog cannot solve all of my problems, but at least now I feel like I have a few folks cheering in my corner who have bona fide interest in improving health and happiness, and therefore provide me with some tools so that I can translate that general knowledge into what will work in my own little life bubble. Wow - I can already feel a smile coming on! Swell!

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