21 February, 2012

Hot Diggity...It's Mardi Gras!

King Cake. Image courtesy of sfweekly.com.
And today is Fat Tuesday (also known as "Shrove Tuesday" in other parts of the globe), the last day of celebrating before (as traditional Catholicism dictates) you start fasting for the Lenten season. In some countries (like in Brazil where it is called "Carnaval") and U.S. cities (like New Orleans), folks have been partying it up for a week and it all culminates today. So if you already hit your budget for having Mardi Gras fun, go ahead and break open the piggy bank in order to find enough change to have one more colorful cocktail, plate of jambalaya, or piece of king cake! Here are some suggestions for places to go in San Francisco, where you can get king cakes in the Sunset neighborhood of town, and try these links here and here for some more history on the holiday. Follow the links below and to the right for traditional foods and inspired libations to bring a little Mardi Gras fun into your own kitchen!

Image courtesy of CHOW.com.

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