14 February, 2012

You Want A Chocolate Treat For Valentine's Day? Drink Beer!

Image courtesy of newbelgium.com.
Okay, here's my Valentine's Day post in as minimal and non-clichéd/sticky-sweet way as I can think of: a re-post of someone else's creative V-Day food/drink ideas! CHOW is one of my favorite foodie sites and after all of 4.5 seconds of scanning their front page, I found a post that satisfied what I was looking for. Here is what I (they) have to say (by the way, my vote is for the "Lips of Faith Series Cocoa Molé" one by New Belgium Brewing):

PS...If you feel cheated by this post due to the lack of attention I paid to the silly feelings of lovey-dovey nostalgia for teddy bears (that will only gather dust), and roses (wrapped in generic plastic film and bought at a drug store) because Hallmark would have you believe such things are necessities on this day, follow the link below where you will find a little V-Day food game courtesy of CHOW that will distract you from your discomfort with a proper alternative to all the hubbub.  

Feeling lucky? Click on the title link above to see what your sun sign says about your what you should eat for V-Day dinner. The image below is what my spin said about me and my guy! 
 Both images courtesy of chow.com.

(And for the record, I am in a committed relationship with a wonderful man, so all the cynicism does not stem from a subconscious reaction to feeling jilted on a day dedicated to "amor." On the contrary! I just hate when I see people buying crap that is supposed to represent "love" because they feel they have to in order to get a contrived expression of affection in return. Expressions of endearment should be shared EVERY day to the ones you love, not just once a year on a day that actually was meant to honor one or more martyred Christian saints named Valentinus. Now do you see where the association to red comes from? Kisses!)

**An addendum to my rant above** Replace me with the voice of the "men" in this spot-on article in San Francisco's 7X7 Magazine, and you will see that I am not alone in my lack of enthusiasm for Valentine's Day.

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