29 February, 2012

Mmm, Me Gusta...Oh Those Crazy YouTube Cooks And Their Internet Shows!

Mmm, Me Gusta ("I Like [It]" in Spanish). Well, the acting may not be great, and the Intro for this particular episode on how to make a spicy salsa called molcajete (go all the way to the bottom of that linked page for more info) was a bit much, but nonetheless I like this weekly YouTube food show. It is by a swanky Mexican-American gal named Claudia from Southern California who understands how important it is to hold on to cultural food traditions and the memories that surround them. I also want to support ladies who are cooking and making their own videos about it. The episode above was the premiere for her third season. I also enjoyed the three episodes below (in order) that were inspired by a dish of quail in rose petals from the movie Like Water For Chocolate; a little trip Claudia took to South By Southwest (SXSW) 2010 in Austin, Texas that I like since I will be moving to that city myself in a few months; and a comedy of errors about how to make horchata (cinnamon and rice drink), a favorite beverage of mine. I guess I do like it!

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