15 March, 2012

Anthony Bourdain Does SXSW 2012

Image courtesy of travelchannel.com.
As I mentioned in a previous blog post, Mr. Bourdain was in Austin for South By Southwest to be a part of some food panels, but he also was there to film an Austin episode for the new season of his show No Reservations. Go to Eater SF to read their report of what went down at the talk (called "Digital Debauchery With Anthony Bourdain"); head here for proof that Franklin Barbeque is one of Bourdain's favorites too; and check this out here for some of the best quoted tweets made from spectators at the panel! My favorite account though is from a neat website called Ogilvy Notes (drawing below) that uses comic-book like images to give a visual summary of the most popular panels that take place at SXSW each year. Very cool indeed!

Image courtesy of ogilynotes.com.

**Addendum** Go here to read Eater SF's follow-up on Bourdain's Austin activities!

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