10 March, 2012

SXSW Part 2: Yet More Foodie Things To Do In Austin

Image courtesy of austinchronicle.com.

Of course! After I spent time combing through a bunch of websites on upcoming food events that would be happening for South By Southwest and thought I had snagged a bunch of good ones, I published my post on March 9th, the day that the festival officially opened. Sure enough though, I missed a few. Darn you Austin Chronicle (where all of these new sources come from)! Since it is not a competition (or at least I will SAY it's not) I want to pass along to you, dear readers, more fun things going on this weekend and into next week that will keep you nourished between films and bands, or maybe will give you an alternative activity to cinema and music altogether. Have at it then!

Image courtesy of lonestarbeer.com.
This article is about food-related panel discussions around Austin with guests like chef/author/TV host/provocateur Anthony Bourdain and Top Chef producer and judge Tom Colicchio, and topics ranging from "Seafood Watch vs. Yelp: Future of Social Food" (of interest to me), to "My Robotic Kitchen Planned This Dinner Party."

Here is one about where to find budget cocktails and wines around town in case Shiner Bock or Lone Star beers are not your speed. 

Here is a cheat sheet of top-notch restaurants and grocery stores in areas of the city where festivities are taking place so that you don't have to travel far for grub. It also has a link to a larger Austin food list in case you feel like venturing outside of your geographic comfort zone.

In case you DO need to stretch your legs a bit and want to see more of the food scene in other parts of Austin, this article will tell you how to do that on a bike tour!

Image courtesy of austinchronicle.com.
Finally, this one is an extension of the Bar-B-Q places mentioned in yesterday's CHOW video. Aptly titled "Ready, Set, Fire," it looks at a two handfuls of local joints to get tasty barbecued meat, including my favorite Franklin Barbeque, which was featured in the aforementioned video. From this list, I personally have been to Stubbs and liked it, but I really want to try JMueller BBQ that was mentioned in this article as he (John Mueller) was the mentor of Aaron Franklin (of Franklin Barbeque) and is the son and grandson of the gentlemen who made Louie Mueller Barbecue (the other BBQ place they went to in the CHOW video) in Taylor, Texas famous.

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