05 March, 2012

This Is What MY Roomate Makes For A Meal On His Day Off!

Rosemary and garlic-topped lamb shoulder that slow cooked for four hours.
My charming new roommate Kit from Oxford, England is a visiting scholar working at UC Berkeley's  Centre for British Studies and in the month and a half that he has been in the States, he has been dying to make what he calls a "Sunday Roast" for a group of friends. I thought he just meant a brunch eaten at home - guess I was wrong! Well, he was not kidding because now I can see what all the fuss was about! Here is a mini photo essay of what mouth-watering edibles were served at the British brunch this afternoon (minus the dessert, which was a more American-ized pie concoction of a smashed Graham-cracker crust, vanilla pudding filling and canned cherries on top). Cheers!

(Clockwise from bottom left to right) baked parsnip strips, sauteed leeks and green cabbage in butter, mashed potatoes, lamb shoulder, buttered carrots, and gravy. Not in the photo is the mint jelly that was a perfect, traditional accompaniment to the meat.

Some very satisfied customers! (Notice Kit at center-left drinking some tasty wine)

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  1. Jealous, jealous. Those British are just good at everything, huh?


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