16 March, 2012

Two Of My Favorite Things In One: Food And Film!

Image courtesy of slowfood.com.
Thanks to the inspiration of the Slow Food Movement that began in Italy in 1989, a group in the Netherlands called the Youth Food Movement (link in Dutch), began putting on a festival of films based around food that "wants to educate people about wrongs in the food system by screening revealing documentaries, inviting knowledgeable speakers and debating with the public about current issues." What a great, proactive idea! Below are the details of the sorts of genres that will compete as explained on the Food Film Festival's website.

First, there is a distinction between documentaries and feature films. Starting with the documentaries: it is possible to make a rough division between the films that are critical of the system and films that expose some kind of food miracle. Films like these tell the story of the negative effects of food production. They provide us with tools to adapt our behavior and make the world a better place, but they are not very upbeat...An important part of the philosophy of the Food Film Festival is that we must continue to enjoy creating a better world. The second category of documentaries are therefore focused on the pleasures of eating...Another pillar of the Food Film Festival philosophy is that food is culture. There is of course no medium where you can better see this than in the movies. 

Video courtesy of Food Film Festival on vimeo.com.

This year's festival begins today in Amsterdam and continues on through Sunday. I sadly cannot be there to experience this event in person, but just knowing that it exists gives me hope. It also fits with my own documentary work! Go to my blog The Gringa Eats Brazilian for more info on my upcoming film. To learn more about Slow Food news in the United States, check out Slow Food USA's website. 

Video courtesy of Food Film Festival on vimeo.com.

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