01 May, 2012

Who Needs Car Manufacturers When You Can Have Farms Instead?

Thanks to Civil Eats and The Edible Schoolyard Project for reporting on this new documentary called Urban Roots by Mark MacInnis, about the rising urban food farm movement, specifically in Detroit, Michigan. The director, a native Detroiter,  "returned in 2009 to document a burgeoning urban farming community that is converting abandoned lots and open spaces into local food production and a sustainable food system." The film has a great premise: it "takes a close look at what happens to a city after a post-industrial collapse and suggests a new type of American Dream – one founded on nourishing community through the creation of a local economy." Check it out!

Original poster art by Shepard Fairey, another guy making visual art that pushes boundaries. Image courtesy of obeygiant.com.

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