20 June, 2012

San Francisco's Mission Chinese Food Featured In A Cool Short Film!

I know I now live in Austin, Texas, but I am still in love with San Francisco, so it was a pleasure to see that one of my favorite pop-up restaurants back in The Bay, Mission Chinese Food (who also just opened its first East Coast location in New York City), is the setting for a hip, little film about a smokin'-hot Chinese chef who makes magic with a knife, and his nifty tattoos that have some special powers of their own. The short is really a promo for a swank San Francisco men's custom-made clothier, Freemans Sporting Club, that has a New York location as well. But don't let the consumerist roots sway you from the underlying theme: to be a good chef you have to be an artist as well as a bit of a magician...and you can look stylish all the while. Congrats to Mission Chinese Food and bring me some of that pork belly!

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