01 September, 2012

Bake Sale Saturdays!

So there's this little restaurant here in Austin called Foreign & Domestic. People like it. It has some tasty nibbles. And the owners/chefs/pastry chefs are kinda famous in town. Well anyway, on Saturdays they are nice enough to open up bright and early before regular service hours in order to sell baked goods, both sweet and savory, and coffee (from one of my personal Austin favorites, Casa Brasil Coffees) to all of us weary-eyed patrons. 

Sausage and cheddar cheese breakfast bread pudding

Being Saturday morning today, I hopped on my bike and peddled over to get a sausage and cheddar cheese breakfast bread pudding, and an iced coffee, and sat myself down in their outside "picnic" area/herb garden. Umm....yeah! It was as good as you would imagine. I mean, it was delicious!! Their bacon and Gruyere cheese croissants and Gruyere and black pepper popovers were also very tempting. They had plenty of sweet items too, but I am more of a salty-breakfast kind of gal. Now if only I could convince them to sell their goodies at every middle school fundraising bake sale, Austin public schools wouldn't be in financial need anymore! Just a thought!

Gruyere cheese and black pepper popovers

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