04 September, 2012

Obama's Presidential Homebrew

President Obama watching basketball and drinking beer. Photo courtesy of npr.com.

I knew that our president was a big supporter of D.I.Y. food gathering and production - just look at the White House's improved, USEABLE (not just decorative) gardens - but I did not realize that Mr. Obama (and kitchen staff) had started his own homebrew! Although the president has said it would happen, the official White House recipes for his ale and porter beers have not been released yet. Maybe that treat will occur on the last day of the Democratic Convention (hint, hint). What we DO know is that the frosty beverages brewed in Barack's basement look tasty! Check out the video below from a recent NPR story for a behind-the-scenes look at the presidential brewing process. Then you too will be waiting with baited breath for the recipes to be handed down to the thirsty voting public! Cheers!

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