17 September, 2012

Pop-Up Restaurants

East Side King trailer at The Liberty Bar in Austin, TX. Image courtesy of eskaustin.com.
I read an article on Eater Austin recently that looks at a subject close to my heart: pop-up restaurants. Earlier this year I made a short documentary on them for my Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Senior Thesis, though I focused on one particular pop-up in San Francisco called The Boba Guys, which makes boba (bubble, pearl) milk tea in the Mission District. Anthony Bourdain also shot a segment of his show The Layover at an excellent San Francisco pop-up called Rice Paper Scissors.

The Eater Austin piece interviews several famous chefs who have ventured into the world of pop-ups (including Austin's own Paul Qui), and gets a feel for their experiences with this modern way of experimenting with food. Com'on folks - support your local indie food venues!

If you are interested in my film (please don't judge it based on the less-than-par equipment), here you go:

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