24 September, 2012

Seven Ways To Discover New Brew

Image courtesy of bites.today.com.
I am not the biggest fan of the Today Show, but I think that a recent contributor, Jim Galligan, to their online "Bites" column is a trustworthy source for learning more about alcohol-related beverages. Mr. Galligan also co-writes the blog Beer & Whiskey Brothers with his brother Don, and his piece for Today offers wise words for getting beer novices to try new things. As a lover of seasonal brews, especially at this time of year when all things come out pumpkin, I also appreciated another one of Jim's posts about the need to think outside the "flavored beer" box and realize that just because something uses a "flavor," does not mean that it has been altered irrevocably from it's essence as beer. We are not talking wine coolers or artificially sweetened beverages here, just the occasional usage of what Nature gives us at certain times of the year to enhance the complexity of a particular beer. Squash + Beer = Yum! Hope you agree...and if you do not, then I will see you in winter when we can all agree on heavy stouts and porters. Right?

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