25 November, 2012

Top Chef Texas Comes To The Dive Bar Next Door!

Moto Utsonomiya (left) and Paul Qui. Image courtesy of austin.eater.com.

I'm a graduate student, so by definition I lead a stressful life, something that the occasional frosty alcoholic beverage can assist with. It was, therefore, to my great pleasure that when I began classes in my first semester here in Austin, I realized that a little dive bar and established live music haunt called Hole In The Wall was fixated just across the street from my department's building. Hot damn!

It is now edging towards the end of the Fall semester here and while I have greatly appreciated Hole In The Wall's generous help in letting me unwind now and again after class, they have always been lacking in something - there isn't any food for sale there! I may like strong libations, but I'm a bit of a lightweight with alcohol tolerance so some pub grub is always helpful, especially if said pub is where fellow students and I bunker down to do a mountain of schoolwork as a group.

Well, as reported in Eater Austin, now that one of my favorite Austin food trucks Paul Qui's (of Top Chef Texas fame) East Side King (especially their location in the back of Liberty Bar) is opening up behind Hole In The Wall on December 4th, I can now get my beer with curry buns too...and make that a Japanese beer please! Apparently it will be the first time in the bar's history that a Japanese beer will be served on draft! Although there are already three of its trucks in town, it will also be the first incarnation of East Side King in brick-and-morter form, as well as its debut in a location outside of its namesake, the East Side of the city.

Hurray! Now all I have to do is convince my Film & Media Production professors that the curry/fish sauce/beer stains on my homework are meant to be there as part of the creative writing and filmmaking process!

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