15 November, 2015

Solidarité: Turning Tragedy Into Learning, Appreciation And Laughter...Through Food

Image courtesy of slate.fr.
What else can I say other than horrific acts took place in Paris, France on November 13th and we cannot let the fear of such things take control. Of course it's scary to oppose such evil, but it's worse to think that those forces could set a new status quo of terror. So how can those of us so far across the Pond help? My solution is to remember how wonderful France still is and why the City of Lights will forever be one of the magical places on earth. Millions have showed their support through the display of the Eiffel Tower/Peace sign image designed by French-born graphic designer Jean Jullien. Others have illuminated their country's landmarks to show their solidarity. So I've compiled some food videos that will make you sentimental, maybe teach you a few new things, giggle, and hopefully be inspired to make a French dish at home that will in your own small way, give the middle finger to those that would use terror to get make their voices heard. 

La solidarité avec la France. Bon appétit!

While you're cooking listen to this playlist of musicians reminding us how wonderful Paris is: 
(Click here for video) PARIS

(Click here for video) Le Petit Chef - Bouillabaisse

(Click here for video) Le Chocolat

(Click here for video) Food I Ate in France

(Click here for video) Specialty Coffee: Paris Awakening

(Click for video here) A Stranger in Paris: Food (A travel series in Paris for a Chinese audience)

(Click here for video) NATURALITÉ

(Click here for video) The Local Way Paris—Baguettes & Boulangeries

(Click here for video) RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY

(Click here for video) FRENCHIE RESTAURANT

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